“Prep the walls” was on the list…#ok… but, how???

“Prep the walls” was on the list…#ok… but, how???

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So, there was this one time, when my business was rehabbing or “updating” our rental home and there was this list. See, there are 5 people on our team who may have been going to the house at different times to work, so there was a checklist of what needed done. Sounds like a good plan, right?

I go over to the house the first day with my husband to start work. There are several things that need done, but only certain things were ready to be done. “Prep the walls” was one of them. “Ok.” I think. Sounds easy enough. However, what does that exactly mean?! I have a house, which I own, but I am pretty sure my 20-something painting party in which I provided booze before the painting began does not qualify as acceptable for this.

In order to help others who may encounter a wall that needs painted and should definitely NOT be painted without being prepped (that is ALL WALLS by the way), I am writing this informational blog. You are welcome in advance!

Since I am no expert on this subject, I intend to explain what I understand is acceptable and right in order to prep walls for painting, then I will share links to professional people who know what you should do.

First, you should fill in all holes with spackle or whatever you choose for this purpose (let dry). Second, you should double check the wall for holes/imperfections. I found that even after I was sanding the walls (we haven’t gotten there yet), I still found places that needed to be filled. Save yourself some time and double check before you sand. Then, after double checking, sand the entire wall. The method you choose for sanding is to each their own, however, if you use an electric sander, BE CAREFUL! It can easily go through your wall or make it all messed up. Hand sanding is best even though it is tedious and kind of a pain.You will need at least a step ladder and you should DEFINITELY wear googles. I wear glasses and even those did not keep out the dust. A mask will help as well. After sanding the entire wall, wipe down with a wet cloth and let dry. Then you will be ready for primer and paint!

Please note: Music makes EVERYTHING better! Find your favorite album or channel, turn it up and zone out to your task!

Special Note: If you have children, find a babysitter for your own sanity. If you do not find a sitter, offer plenty of video games, chocolate and anything else that will keep them occupied for hours at a time.

All of that being said, this is the first time I have ever correctly prepped a wall. Please follow the links below to hear from more professionals than I.

Happy Prepping!




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